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Portrait of an Artist~ Garnet & Ashes

Garnet & Ashes is a sprightly line of vintage inspired mixed media original fine art & reproductions. A venture of contemporary artist, Caroline Nevin; a BFA graduate from Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Garnet & Ashes utilizes a nudging, playful approach with a mélange of bee imagery and flappers, vintage treasures and ephemera to arouse and ignite the senses and inspire reflection on notions of identity and memory, discordant habitats and reevaluations of archaic social structures. Visit Caroline in booth B3 on Tankhouse Lane at the Historoic Distillery District on August 29-Septemebr 1 2014.

How Magical is this!

And more....

About~Carol Nevin


I am a painter and illustrator who is inspired by mythological symbolism and stories, psychological contortions and human desires. The way we choose to use our bodies  and the thoughts that shape our behaviour into the life stories we create is what really intrigues and drives the fundamental inspiration and meaning behind my work.

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