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Dawning: Fresh, Original, Jewelry

Artist's Words:

"As a wee bonny lass I found myself a visionary in the undying quest for consummate creativity. Even at the young age of four I could be seen carefully stringing together beads that were unusually tiny for a child of my age. As I grew, so did my longing to create with my own hands.

For my whole life I have loved the feeling of holding something beautiful that I had created. Jewelry was one of the things which captured my attention, but I have experimented with various arts along the way. Since my childhood there has always been some creative tool in my hand, be it knitting needles, watercolours, fabric, or my favourite jewelry pliers.

At the ripe old age of 12, I began selling my handcrafted jewelry from home. Only a couple years later I officially launched ‘Dawning’ and have enjoyed designing and selling jewelry I love. My style of jewelry is constantly being inspired afresh, but quality workmanship and beauty of design are always my foundation.

I find delight in incorporating the nature-inspired elements I see around me into my love of art. My jewelry consists of unique materials creatively formed into necklaces, earrings, and rings. I’m confident these charming pieces will be among your favourites!"

Jamie Dawn