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Portrait of Artisans ~ Solar Woodcuts

Ron Tremback and Patti Robertson have designed and created fretwork full time since 1992. They are unique in Canada in that they make a living with their craft, Solar Woodcuts. As well as making the more traditional fretwork subjects such as, wildlife and silhouettes, they are well known for their more esoteric subjects, such as, Celtic designs and ancient symbolism.

New in the last year, Patti is creating one of a kind wood burned pieces Ron sets up, saws, and contributes to the design process. Ron has been an artisan for more than 40 years, making everything from moccasins to houses and cabins. His love of fine detail and intricate designs led him to become a professional fretwork craftsman 23 years ago.

In addition to the wood burning, Patti draws the patterns, creating an eclectic mix of images to produce their 450 current designs. She also assembles and finishes the fretwork items. Patti has more than 35 years experience as an artisan creating many different kinds of arts and crafts. She has experience in weaving and knitting and has formal training in upholstery. She has also done papermaking and beeswax candle making, and has given workshops in these art forms. They have now exhibited at more than 420 juried arts and craft shows during their 23 years of creating fretwork.