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Tail Wags Helmet Covers at Artfest!!

Established in 2006, Tail Wags Helmet Covers is a Toronto-based business that designs and manufactures helmet covers of the finest workmanship and quality. We are devoted to encouraging more kids and adults to wear their safety helmets. All Tail Wags helmet covers are proudly handcrafted in Canada.

Karyn Climans is the entrepreneurial spirit behind Tail Wags Helmet Covers. Several years ago she suffered a serious ski accident; fortunately she was wearing her safety helmet and it saved her life! The primary goal of the company is to promote helmet use and safety awareness. It is her passion for safety awareness, along with her imaginative flair, which are the key ingredients to Tail Wags’ success.

Today, there are over 40 designs of helmet covers so there’s bound to be the perfect look for every member of your family and friends!