Yellowbird Creations Exhibiting at Artfest

Yellowbird Creations offers the finest in handcrafted, unique and one-of-a-kind jewellery designed by jewellery artist Marilynn Matheson.  

Artist Biography:

A self-taught artist, who expresses her designs through the use of beautiful natural stones and gemstones, based in a philosophy of the healing energy of these stones. Her work includes the use of fine metals and fibres to frame and support the designs.

Marilynn has been designing jewellery and creating handmade jewellery for several years. She has taken courses in advanced wire work, gemology, silversmithing, and beading. Her work is definitely spiritual based, drawing upon the earth's energy when designing and creating her one of a kind jewellery pieces.

She works out of her home studio and has initiated beginner jewellery classes, starting in January 2015.


Irina Rapaport Jewellery & Textiles

Irina Rapaport is a mixed media artist for more than 20 years. She started making jewellery in 2005 and her textile collage clothing line in 2013. She is mainly self-taught. Trained in art and architecture, Irina draws her influences largely from patterns, geometry and textures.

Space and the third dimension are an integral part of her design concept. The artist is recognized for her originality, she is challenging the notion of what is “conventional” jewellery or clothing…taking it into the realm of the unusual, the enigmatic, the unexplored, pushing the boundaries into the eccentric and the unexpected.

The spontaneous quality of her wearable art makes each creation one-of-a-kind. All pieces are designed and hand-crafted by the artist in Toronto, Canada.


Portrait of an Artisan ~ Clayshapes Pottery


Clayshapes is a modern and whimsical collection of organic-shaped pottery - hand made and hand painted in splashes of bright colour.

Artisan, Leslie Fruman, is currently obsessed with creating pieces using wood block stamps from India...but that could change at any time! Visit her site often to see her new creations - .

There's always new "Clayshapes" coming out of Leslie's kiln. 

Clayshapes is on Facebook - join her there for a sneak peek into her studio and news of upcoming specials and sales. 


Stained Glass by Bonita Bell ~ appearing at Artfest Kingston

Bonita Bell work's closely with each and every client to ensure your piece of work is done to your specification! This will ensure a beautiful, personal piece, that you will be sure to treasure forever.
Do you have a special picture (perhaps of a pet or special subject) that you would like captured in Stained Glass Mosaic?  Is there an antique or unique window frame, picture frame or old mirror frame that you would like to revive and enjoy once again?
Working with Bonita will allow for the creation of a lasting piece of work that you'll be able to enjoy for a lifetime!

Artfest Artist Cole Talbot is in the news again! Entrepreneur of the year in Norfolk!

Cole Talbot ,owner of Iron Oak Designs, exhibited at Artfest Kingston last summer and met some amazing connections. His art career has taken some very interesting leaps forward. Kudos to Cole for taking advantage of these opportunities and following up on all the leads.

Just 2 weeks ago he was awarded with the "Norfolk' s Entrepreneur of the Year" award "which is a pretty big deal where I live!" Cole said. In the last 2 weeks, he was featured in two of the county's big newspapers! (Simcoe Reformer, and the Norfolk News). (see link above)

Also, just this week he had the honour of presenting more of his steel Canadian Flags that he created to more Military Personnel... which is pretty exciting! He had been working with a not-for-profit service called the  "Poppy  Memorial Program".  They have been using his unique hand forged metal Flags as a part of their program. About 150 of the flags has been given out on their behalf! Now his Flags are on display tthroughout Canada and the USA! Some of his Flags have even found their way into museums, and one was even presented to the Prime Minister as a gift!

"All of this started because of lasts years Artfest in Kingston!" Cole said.



Artfest 2015 NEWS!

We are excited to announce that Artfest is starting a new show in Burlington! We are thrilled about this development for 2015. Burlington is a beautiful city and they are very pleased that we are coming to town. City Council still has to approve all of the details, but we are moving ahead with the planning. The dates May 29-31 are good as well, as many of the artists have been looking for a another spring show opportunity. Watch our Blog posts as things develop and we finalize all of the details.

Artfest Kington dates are July 1-4 2015, taking in Canada Day and the USA Independence Day. We have 150 artists exhibiting and tons of free programming for visitors including music, art workshops, children's art, theatre arts, sculpture and more!

We have one show only at the Distillery District for 2015 on Labour Day weekend September 4-7 2015. The Toronto 2015 Panam Games will be using the Distillery site for programming, hence two of our Toronto shows have been cancelled.

We hope you can come to all of our shows this year! We have lots to see and do!


Iron Oak Designs~Custom order for Prime Minister Steven Harper

Story Contributed by Kerri Tadeu

Cole Talbot is an artist and lives in Port Dover. He was in Kingston participating in the Artfest Kingston  Summer Art & Craft Show June 28 - July 1 2014.  I was at City Park planting flowers at Major Knight Mendes tree in preparation for a fundraiser I was hosting on July 4th.  I walked around Artfest looking for something meaningful to catch my eye to present to WO Renay Groves (leader of the Poppy Team- their mission is to take the Poppy Memorial across the country to all the families of the fallen) to thank her for her commitment to our fallen soldiers and the families of the fallen.  I saw the metal flag at Cole’s booth and instantly knew that was the gift I wanted to give. It was everything Canadian just like WO Renay Groves. 

The metal flag is unbendable and unbreakable mirroring WO Renay Groves’ commitment to her soldiers, the fallen, the families of the fallen and the veterans she is honored to call her brothers and sisters.  She is a Quintessential Soldier – Intense, Dedicated, Strong, Committed, Vigilant –I have been, to say the least deeply touched.

My definition of the Poppy Team includes but is not limited to soldiers who possess an outstanding caliber of character working towards completing their mission for the greater good of our country.  The Poppy Team caught the attention of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Poppy Team received an invitation to have a private meeting with him in Parliament on Oct 8th 2014 so he could learn more about the Poppy Teams mission and see the Poppy Memorial first hand to touch and feel it.

Cole Talbot crossed my path as I was preparing for the Poppy Memorial Outreach Program Fundraiser in memory of Major Michelle Knight Mendes on July 4th 2014.  After that event I asked Cole to make 60 smaller flags to present to each individual and organization that contributed to the events success in raising $20,150.00 for the Poppy Team and Paws Fur Thought bridging the gap between the Canadian Forces and our veterans. I am including a few of many photo’s of the individuals and organizations that have received a flag- Kingston Police, OPP, Military Police, RCMP, Corrections Canada, the Poppy Team- the list is so long because so many people were brought together from all over and now they are connected by Cole Talbot’s work.

WO Groves presented our Prime Minister with Cole Talbot’s flag and it was a full circle moment because Cole Talbot’s talents match his good heart and to have his deeply meaningful work of art presented to our Prime Minister was incredible.  Hand making all those flags was a challenge given the complexity of the three dimensional flag coupled with the tight time frame to have them ready for the Cheque and Gift presentation on September 3rd at the Change of Command Ceremony.  On the back of the Prime Ministers flag are all the names of our fallen soldiers, their rank and the date of their death that WO Renay Groves personally placed on the flag to honor our fallen and to mark the deep gratitude to Prime Minister Stephen Harper for his invitation to personally visit with the Poppy Team and see the Poppy Memorial.


The Kindness Project

One thing that I have noticed about artists is that they are incedibally generous with their time, products and compassion. Whether it is in response to a natural disaster, a colleague in need or a great cause, they always step up to offer whatever they can. I have been asked to contribute an art piece to a wonderful local cause started by the late June Caldwell of the June Caldwell Centre for Young Women.

They are hosting an online art auction to raise funds. I thought I would share this with you in case you wanted to help out. I have donated a small painting. You can contribute as much as you would like as a percentage or all of the proceeds.

Contact Sandra Marleau if you would like to participate.


Global TV on Artfest~ with the lovely Susan Hay


Newzulu News stopped by Artfest ~ great photos

Check out these great photos taken today at Artfest Toronto by Newzulu

Boko Booth B7

Rachel Dyck Booth B6



Artfest Kids~ Free art workshops this weekend

Photo by Steve Veale

Join us at Artfest Toronto at the Distillery August 29-September 1 on Labour Day weekend. It will be great fun to take a free art workshop with Sabrina Parrish in the Artfest Kids tent. We will be located on Gristmill Lane at the Historic Distillery District. All ages welcome. Drop in anytime. 11am-5pm daily. Try out Apple Art Print Making; Weave on a Hoola Hoop Loom or giant seatbelt fabric loom; test your smarts on our Chalk Board Mural!; Make a silly paper bag puppet!

Apple Art PrintmakingChalk Board Mural

Hoola Hoop Loom Weaving

You can also contribute to the the 20 ft mural! Led by Ottawa artist Arthur II, the mural will be created over the four day event. All are welcome to participate- Dad, Mom and you! No experience is nexessary. Check out what we did at our other shows below.

 Crowns for Victoria Day

Beach Sand Art

Painting on the big mural

The start of a painting

Rock Creatures



Artfest Music~ Haze & Dave Wipper -Melody Fair

Melody Fair are performing at Artfest Saturday, Sunday and Monday on Labour Day weekend in Trinity Square at the Distillery District. Dazzling guitar and beautiful melodies!


Tim Bovaconti is performing at Artfest Toronto on Friday August 29, ALL afternoon. Tim is my favourite guitarist!

He travels worldwide performing on stage with Burton Cummings, Randi Bachman, Ron Sexsmith and many more well known performers. You will absolutely love him!

Patrick Allcock has been performing as rhythm guitarist with Tim for years and will be joining him during his performance.

Don't miss it!


Ms. Petite Beauty International~Wearing Halina Shearman Kimona

Check out Ms. Petite Beauty International, Jennie Ann in one of Halina's sheer Kimonos. She looks pretty great!!!
Order yours at or visit her this labour day weekend at Artfest Toronto in the historic Distillery District. Friday until Monday from 11-6.


Sheila Thompson~ gorgeous textile art

New pieces of felted textile art from Sheila. These will be on display at Artfest this weekend!

Visit Booth E3 to see Sheila's work.


Inunno~ combines art & functionality

Doug Mantegna focused his career in textile printing. Partnering with Inuit artists, Doug transforms their imagery into beautiful scarves and accessories using a sophisticated printing technique. Drop by and visit him at booth D18 right by Balzacs Cafe in Trinity Square at the Distillery District on Labour Day weekend August 29-September 1 2014.


Halina Sheaman~ Artfest Interview

Halina transforms gorgeous fabrics to dressy light sweater-tops. Booth D30 on Trinity Square at the Distillery.


Chef Mark Pollard~ Sprucewood Handmade Cookies~ Artfest Interview

Drop by and sample Mark's incredible short bread cookies~ Thai Cheddar, Baily's Irish Cream and his new launch of Ginger Shortbread, guaranteed to be a seasonal hit! This is just a few of the 40 flavours he has created. Booth B1 on the corner of Tankhouse Lane and Trinity Street in the Distillery District.


Carlo Allion~ Artfest Interview

Carlo is exhibiting at Artfest in Trinity Main Square at the Distillery in booth #D7a


Shirley Brigden Photography~ Artfest Interview

See Shirley in Artfest Booth # E7 on Gristmaill Lane.