Bev Jenkins~Sculpted oils on Canvas

Artfest Toronto at the Distillery

Beverley Jenkins

Sculpted Oils on Canvas

Focusing on nature and its strengths of light, vivid colour and texture, Bev’s work, evokes the tranquil qualities of nature.  Light plays on her thickly applied oils, which are sculpted in a neo-impressionist style, bringing the scenes to life on her canvasses. 

On close inspection, viewers are engaged in the purity of colour, and the succulent tactility evoked by the strokes of her palette knife.  At a distance, the scene is revealed, and as the viewer moves, the paintings continually transform themselves as new colours are exposed at different angles. 

Under natural light, the paintings magically evolve throughout the day, as the shifting light plays with underlying tones, and the depth of the sculpted relief.

If you are interested in seeing Bev’s work, receiving information on upcoming shows or commissioning work, please contact her at 416-324-8444 or email


Portrait of an Artist ~ Rea Kelly Fine Art

Rea Kelly creates a selection of vibrant, textural, landscapes, florals and abstracts that deliver joy.

Artist Biography:

I was born in Montreal and grew up with a father who was an art lover and Sunday water colourist. That must be where I got the urge to express myself through painting, because I did my first portrait at age 16.

Here it is...

I think it’s not so bad for a sixteen year old with zero training.

At any rate, the bug took hold and as I began to explore the world of art more fully I became captivated by the emotions and images rendered by Matisse, Klee, Klimt and The Impressionists. Colour and texture became my signature.

My inspirations and muses in that realm come from a wide variety of artists, styles and centuries: Mozart, Kaffi Fasset, Respighi, Balanchine, Twyla Tharp, Kodo drummers.

I’m inspired by landscapes and the infinite range of colours, textures and changing moments in the natural world. I see stained glass geometry in fall’s sumachs, feel ballerinas in June’s poppy blooms, and hear shattering crystal when I paint the brittle fall winds cutting through barren branches. The changing seasons provide unending sources of influence via wild temperature fluctuations, storms, blustery days and hot summer days.

The earth, sky and water of Canada are etched into my being, but I’m also gripped by the images my mind captures when daydreaming or traveling.



Portrait of an Artisan~ Belli Buckles

When I met Robin we talked about art business and the project she was working on to create a great resource for connecting artists and art galleries/shops with each other. I felt a strong kindred spirit in Robin with myself and Artfest Ontario. That project is still in the early stages, and she has turned her focus to new product development combining recycled leather and other vintage materials into fabulous practical items.

Her booth is located at D13 at Artfest Toronto, from August 29-Sept 1.

Check out her fabulous belt buckle collages, beautiful leather belts, leather tote bags- indestructable, and her latest idea- recycled firehose from Chicago firefighters made into cool belts. They were a sell out at Kempenfest! I think she is on to something. Come down and try one on.


Portrait of an Artisan ~ Revive

Linda Lavelle's Story:

After separating from my husband in 2010 and with my financial situation changing drastically, I truly understood the meaning of the words of my friends from former communist countries:

"There was nothing for us so we had to be very creative".

As an environmentalist in spirit all of my adult life, I did occasionally shop in Thrift stores, now I had to convince myself that these were the only stores where I would be buying my clothes and clothes for my three children. Don’t get me wrong, I love classic, good quality garments, but what about the unique, trendy, one-of-a-kind look? I pulled out my old sewing machine. Making clothes for myself and my children proved to be one of the most joyful things I have ever done.

Selling my creations right off my shoulders during my grocery shopping was one of the most rewarding things that happened to me in a long time. And so, "Revive" was born. But unlike other "green" designers, I rescue a lot of 100% new material. If you are a regular Thrift store patron, quite often you will come across one or two dozen of 100% new, but very outdated garments in the same style, donated by a clothing store.

These are a special treat for me and my clients because now I can repeat my masterpieces and offer them in different sizes. I made another discovery talking to a Canadian designer with whom I share similar values (ie go green!). She told me that hundreds of pounds of scrap fabric-leftovers from large volume clothing productions go to the dump every week. I started purchasing these scraps and ended up with a unique "green" line of upcycled clothing – much of it made out of 100% new material.

After doing some research I realized that most existing recycled clothing lines target only young, petite women. Unfair! Ladies of all sizes are welcome in my booth, because every woman deserves the chance to Revive!


Portrait of an Artist ~ Rachel Dyck Gallery




Artfest Toronto at the Distillery from Aug. 29th - Sept. 1st.

At the last show, Rachel exhibited works with granite on wooden panel using some layers of gesso and then drawing braids. This year she is featuring her lovely delicate water colours and illustrations. An emerging artist, this gal is clearly very diverse. It will be interesting to watch her grow her artistic career.




Nikkole Lebrun 

A little bit about Nikkole in her Words:

My name is Nikkole LeBrun and I was born in Oakville, Ontario on September 8th 1990. As far back as I can remember I was drawing and painting. When most kids were drawing puppies and stick figures, I would watch Titanic and try to emulate Jack while he would draw pictures of rose laying nude.

Afterwards, I was so embarrassed that I had drawn pictures of a naked chick, I tried my best to make for a cover up. Unfortunately, my babysitter’s daughter found it buried in the stack of papers, which led me to feel like a pervert for the rest of my life; or until I got to high school, when drawing naked people was deemed okay.


Mind Image Art Works by Marg Drury

Marg Drury's preferred style is abstract and contemporary. The combination of texture, shapes, colours and independence are perceived throughout her work and she leaves a feeling a excitement with the viewer.

Artist Bio:

Montreal born Marg.Drury grew up in Timmins Ontario. Her first appreciations for the arts was developed through music. Originally visual arts became a wonderful healing modality and centering device.

Her preference of medium being acrylics allowing her to experiment with bold colors ,textures and introducing depth and life into each piece. Abstract and contemporary is the style she prefers Marg has had several solo shows and has taken part in various group exhibits both in Canada and USA.


Milverton Furniture by Andy Benko


Andy Benko has been crafting beautiful end grain cutting boards for the past seven years.  His work is original and fully functional. 

Be sure to stop by his booth D27 at the upcoming Artfest Toronto show to see for yourself.



Portrait of an Artisan ~ Mila Posh

Marina Sonin is partner in the firm Mila Posh Designs. She completed a BSc followed by a certificate in tailoring in Kazakhstan during the 1980s and, after the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe, saw an opportunity to go into business for herself.

In 1991, she established a firm that offered tailoring services in high-end woman’s apparel. After immigrating to Canada in 2001, she set up a second tailoring business, again with a focus on quality women’s fashions. In 2010, she joined friend and fellow designer Nadia Arvanitis in Mila Posh Designs, and together they partner in the design and production of their own line of women’s fashions.


Portrait of an artist ~ Michael Hyman

About The Artist

Michael Hyman is from Toronto, Canada. He has been pursuing his interest in photography since childhood. In 1999, in San Francisco, he bought his first digital camera, a 0.2 megapixel Casio QV-770. Like many others, the switch to digital revolutionized the way he looked at photography. The ability to shoot, print and edit at home, primitive though the technology was at the time, led to his decision to pursue a career as a fine art photographer.

In 2002, Michael participated in his first art show at the Toronto Convention Center. With only a small selection of work, all printed on an Epson Stlyus 780 and no prints larger than an 8x10, the show was a success. ‘I would not have been able to get started without the help of my family and friends – I can remember us staying up, all night before the show, framing pictures, cleaning picture glass, trimming and labeling the prints…’

Michael’s work is influenced by his time spent working as a guide in Ontario, by his travels across the country, and of course by his parents, who instilled in him a sense of adventure and a deep respect for the country his family had settled in.

Over the last decade, Michael has been in over 300 shows across Canada. His work has graced the walls of the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba's ballroom, not to mention countless homes across the country, as well as many expat's houses around the world.

Michael's camera of choice is currently a Nikon D70, although many of his early works were shot with a Canon G1-G3. He has always done his own printing, and in 2007 acquired an Epson Stylus Pro 10000 CF, a 44" wide archival printer. This has allowed him to produce his work in larger sizes, up to 40”x60”. For his large format prints, Michael prefers to print on canvas, which he then stretches over a frame.

Michael’s work is edited for strong saturation and contrast. He likes to have bold, almost surreal colours that grab the viewer and draw him/her into the image. For subject matter, the wildlife and landscape of Canada, decaying architecture, automobiles, and the theme of travel are some of his favourites.

Michael lives in Toronto with his wife, Rachel, and their son, Ezra.



Portrait of a sculptor~ Chaka Chikodzi

Canadian sculptor Chaka will be exhibiting his stone sculpture at Artfest Toronto next weekend. He brings his stone in from his native home in Zimbabwe and does the sculpting in his studio in Kingston, ON. The rocks are unique to Zimbabwe and come is a stunnining array of colours formed during volcanic activity. His sculptures are lovely shapes reflecting the human figure. Some are abstract in nature and all have a sense of being uncomplicated and joyful. The stone has beautiful colours and a rich depth of detail that is enhanced by the extensive polishing and finishing technique. Look for him August 29-September 1 in booth A1 at Artfest Toronto.

Chaka returns to Zimbabwe yearly to teach sculpting workshops to youth and share his talent and knowledge. He is one of the most successful and celebrated artists from that region.

Chaka is also an accomplished marimba musician and performs all over with his band the Resolutionaries.



Artfest Team

The Artfest Team has a lot of fun working at our shows. I have probably shared this photo before, but is one of my favourites. It was taken at Artfest Kingston on July 1st.


Sprucewood Handmade Cookies~ chef Mark Pollard

Sprucewood Cookies has been exhibiting at Artfest shows now for several years. We love chef Mark! He is constantly evolving his recipe repetoire and adding new varieties to his line of addictive and delicious shortbread cookies. Once again when I asked him what is new?? He delivered!

"Indeed, we are doing a pre-tasting, sampling and selling of our new GINGER SHORTBREAD!

This, we know will be a Holiday and year round favourite.

This flavour will be exclusively launched at Artfest at The Distillery - before any of our retailers are introduced to the flavour!


Look for "ABELS NUTS" - my premium California roasted almonds - in mild and Spicy Cajun blends. These are a cool and healthy snack alternative & superb Hostess gift! I am featuring the almonds at 45% OFF as an introductory price - while quantities last! (I roast these myself after hours in my Bakery!)


Portrait of an Artist~ Brett Lundy

Brett Lundy

A brief but intensive design course taught by Michael Fortune led to a developing admiration for woodworking and his current pursuit building studio furniture. Brett founded Merganzer Furniture and Design in 1995 where he worked for seven years before hiring an assistant. Merganzer Furniture is a woodworking studio based in the west end of Toronto, Canada. The studio is focused on building beautiful one of a kind and limited run furniture of the highest quality. Artfest is looking forward to seeing Brett's work- and maybe doing some shopping for a new piece of furniture!

Booth E11


Portrait of an Artist~Christopher Masoure

Mazure Studios~ Haunting soft atmospheric landscape paintings that calm the soul and inspire thought. These elements work together in each piece, transforming a room and providing an escape from busy life. Rich layers of paint and subtle texture form Chris’s work using a palette knife. He explores and interprets the beauty of the Canadian landscape. That is his special artistic gift. Visit Chris on Gristmill Lane in Booth E8.



Portrait of an Artist~ Garnet & Ashes

Garnet & Ashes is a sprightly line of vintage inspired mixed media original fine art & reproductions. A venture of contemporary artist, Caroline Nevin; a BFA graduate from Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Garnet & Ashes utilizes a nudging, playful approach with a mélange of bee imagery and flappers, vintage treasures and ephemera to arouse and ignite the senses and inspire reflection on notions of identity and memory, discordant habitats and reevaluations of archaic social structures. Visit Caroline in booth B3 on Tankhouse Lane at the Historoic Distillery District on August 29-Septemebr 1 2014.

How Magical is this!

And more....

About~Carol Nevin


I am a painter and illustrator who is inspired by mythological symbolism and stories, psychological contortions and human desires. The way we choose to use our bodies  and the thoughts that shape our behaviour into the life stories we create is what really intrigues and drives the fundamental inspiration and meaning behind my work.


Portrait of an Artisan~Hawberry Farms/Manitoulin Crafts

Hawberry Farms History:

Located on the south shores of Manitoulin Island, this century old farm produces some of the finest gourmet roducts in the world.

Nestled inside the small town of Spring Bay, Hawberry Farms creates a fine line of gourmet products which, have become well known thoughout the years.

Their kitchens are Provincially and Federally inspected and they are HACCP regulated to ensure cleanliness and a quality, well above standards.

Be assured that when you buy products from Hawberry Farms, you are buying the best!  See you at the show and be your own judge when you try some of our amazing and delectable samples!


Kristensen-Smith Photography


A little bit about Kristensen-Smith in her own Words:

We take pride in looking at the world from a different perspective, seeking to capture each moment for its uniqueness. Fine Art Photographic Art printed on everything from antique plank flooring boards, glass or the classic canvass. Art for every room in your home, from a glass top coffee table to an upcycled 100 year old cabinet fashioned into a functional bar. Kristensen-Smith Photographic Art has a piece for your individual space.


Principal photographer Melissa Kristensen-Smith has been involved with photography since the age of twelve when she was given her first camera.  Travel and Fine Art prints are a passion.  Seeing new places and faces excite her as she sees the stories each shot will tell.

Her partner of twenty-five years Andre Smith, combines his talents for design and upcycling to create furniture and decor pieces.  Each piece features photographic art within one-of-a-kind functional furniture pieces. Desks, dressers, coffee tables and even bars.  For those who want their home or office to stand out check out our Decor Section.



Portrait of an Artisan ~ Halina Shearman Designs

"With a Passion for Design!"

With her flare for design and love of textiles, Halina has created colourful, original works of art for over 25 years. Through this passion for creative fashion design, she found inspiration for her current line from her large, personal collection of vintage silk scarves.

As an advocate for all things "green" and a loyal supporter of re-purposed clothing and decor, Halina found a unique and eclectic way to use her scarf collection to produce her very first up-cycled garment. Now more than half of her line is made from re-purposed materials and all of it is inspired by and made from some form of scarf.

All product is proudly made in Canada using the finest hand picked materials, and is brought to you by an artist who takes immense pride and satisfaction from being able to share her one-of-a-kind designs with others looking to express their individuality through wearable art.


Volunteer Opportunities Available for Artfest

Join our #Artfest team as a volunteer and have a blast while doing it!  There are many opportunities to help out!

Show off your skills or learn new ones.  We could use help at the Artfest Distillery tent, with our customer survey, with clean up and more.  Contact Lory MacDonald Show Producer ~ 416-619-0953.